The Differences Between 12-Step and SMART Rehab

The 12-step approach to alcohol rehab has been around since the establishment of Alcoholics Anonymous back in the 1930s. It is an approach that has proved successful for not only recovering alcoholics, but also those recovering from drug and compulsive behaviour addictions. Yet it is not the only approach that works.

Another approach, known as self-management and recovery training (SMART) looks at the rehab equation from a slightly different perspective. Since its development in the 1990s, the SMART approach has given birth to more than 1,000 support groups around the world.

There are two primary differences between the 12-step and SMART approaches. The first can be found in the way the two approaches view addiction. The second is one of personal responsibility. Let us look at both differences in a little more detail for better understanding:

View of Addiction

The 12-step approach to alcohol and drug rehab sees addiction as a lifelong disease requiring a lifelong commitment to recovery. As such, this approach equips recovering addicts with certain tools and strategies they can use to avoid relapse permanently. The SMART approach sees things differently.

Rather than seeing addiction as a lifelong disease, advocates of the SMART approach see it as a personal problem that can be permanently solved by finding and applying the right solutions. Moreover, just like any other problem, once solved the former addict can move on with his life. Those who employ this approach do not expect to see the same people in support meetings for years on end.

Personal Responsibility

The area of personal responsibility is another one where the differences between 12-step and SMART programmes are stark. The 12-step approach is built on the belief that the recovering addict is responsible to a higher power. That higher power is not necessarily identified as any particular religious deity; rather, each recovering addict relates with the higher power as he understands it.

In the SMART approach, the only personal responsibility is to oneself. This view lays all of the responsibility for success or failure directly at the feet of the addict. As such, it is also the responsibility of each addict to find a solution that will work best for him. That’s not to say he doesn’t receive support and good ideas from others, it’s simply to say that the ultimate responsibility for finding and applying solutions rest on him.

It is interesting to note that both approaches work fairly well. That should be no surprise, given the fact that addiction is a very personal struggle that cannot be defined as concretely as some would believe. In the end, it comes down to whatever approach works for the individual. As long as the demons are conquered, it matters not how one gets there.

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Are You Drugs Or Alcohol Addicted? Do Join Rehab Clinic Today

Rehab clinics are where vulnerable people who have an addiction to something like alcohol or drugs come to overcome their addictive behaviour and prepare to re-integrate into everyday life without abusing drugs. With enough effort and determination, anyone can enter a good rehab clinic and come out a success.Private Residential rehab clinics are generally considered the best option for an addict looking for help. This is somewhere they can stay overnight while receiving treatment which means they will have less outside distractions that may make them want to go back to drugs or alcohol. Also if anything was to go wrong there would be experts on hand to help the addict in any way they need, whether it be medication to ease the symptoms of withdrawal or psychological issues they need to work through like depression. There is much a rehab clinic can offer their patient.

One-On-One counselling is a large part of an addict’s stay at a rehab clinic. A drug counsellor will help the patient work through the root of the addiction, why it began and how to deal with feelings that normally would’ve been blocked out by taking drugs. Through this process, it is hoped that the patient will see that they do not need their drug of choice to enjoy life again.

Group Counselling is another important part of attending a rehab clinic. Hearing other people’s stories will show you that you’re not alone in finding treatment for your addiction, quite the contrary. Many people find themselves stuck in the rut of drug addiction but it’s certainly not impossible to get out, especially with the help of the experts in our rehab clinics.

Activities and workshops exist in most rehab clinics, these offer the patient a chance for recreation and skill-building to prepare for leaving the rehab clinic into the real world again. Overcoming addiction is a personal growth process within the individual and thus working on one’s self in all manners is part of the process.

Some rehab clinics offer more luxury facilities such as gyms, swimming pools or spas, however these tend to be the minority. Rehab is primarily focused on the individual overcoming their addiction to dangerous substances and that is exactly what can be achieved in the majority of residential rehab clinics.

We urge to take a look at some of the rehab clinics near you to see what facilities and services they offer an inpatient. We’re sure most, if not all, will meet your requirements. Ridding your life or the life of loved one, of drugs should be your top priority and residential rehab can help you achieve just that.

Laser Dentistry – Let Not the Fear of Drilling Hold You Back from Maintaining Your Teeth Health

Scared of having your teeth drilled before fillings or crown lengthening or any other dental procedure? Well, it’s a thing of past. You can now available laser dentistry service which is far more comfortable, quick, precise and efficient. It’s a cutting edge technology that’s completely different from your normal dental treatment. The technology specifically targets the problem area of your tooth and gums and doesn’t cause any harm or fracture in other parts.

Use of Laser Dentistry : Laser dentistry can be used to carry out a number of dental procedures, including cavity detection, fillings, and root canals, crown lengthening, dental implants, biopsy, infection treatment, tissue removal, cure canker sore, teeth whitening, gum re-sculpting and help reduce periodontal infection without doing gum surgery.

Laser dentistry is extremely comfortable for the patients. You are able to visit a dentist and have your work done quickly, without waiting for bleeding to stop. With this technology, the dental procedures become easy, quick and painless. Moreover, it causes no damage to the surrounding areas.

If you’re undergoing a laser dental treatment, you will be asked to wear special eyeglasses to protect your eyes from laser. Apart from this, it is an absolutely safe technique to be performed. However, it should be carried out by a qualified and experience laser dentist Tampa.

Finding the Right Dentist : Although laser dentistry is very useful and can be used to treat a number of dental conditions but this doesn’t mean that it is appropriate for every dental procedure. You must check with your dentist if you’re a good candidate for laser dentistry and your condition can be treated using this technique.

Ask your dentist questions on how he/she will use the laser, if he/she is certified in laser techniques, if he/she has performed any laser treatments before and if they are formally qualified and licensed in this area. You may also ask about the extent of his/her education and training in cosmetic dentistry Tampa.

Apart from this, you may carry out an online research and find a reputable dentist in your area. You can browse their websites and check all their services. With this, you can also find about their associations and affiliations, so that you have an idea about the quality of services offered. You may fix an appointment with a dentist who

1.Certified in Laser Dentistry 2.Has been practicing dentistry for a few years at least 3.Is aware of the latest dentistry techniques 4.Explains the complete treatment plan after examination

Consider all these factors and ensure to find a reputable dentist in your area. You may find a difference in prices of services but paying little more is better than visiting an inexperienced dentist and getting things done in a painful way.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction – Why You Can not Force Recovery

All across Britain there are families living with a loved one addicted to either alcohol or drugs. Many of those families feel powerless inasmuch as they want to help, but do not know how. Other families think they are helping their loved one by trying to protect him or her and keep them out of trouble. However, this does not work either. In their frustration and despair, family members may attempt to force their loved ones into recovery against their will.
The reality is that forced recovery is seldom successful. Addicts forced to attend alcohol or drug rehab may complete their programmes as expected, only to relapse within the first year or so after release. A good portion of those addicts never even complete their rehab programmes.
Individual Decision
There are some alcohol and drug recovery experts willing to classify addiction as a disease. Others believe addiction is a behavioural problem only. Yet despite their differences, the two camps agree on one thing: recovery is an individual decision that can only be made by the addict him or herself.
It has been said that the only true cure for addiction is abstinence. Assuming that is true, no family member or friend can force a drug or alcohol abuser to abstain from his or her habit. The best one can do is not allow the addict to continue interfering with his or her life. Nevertheless, that does not stop the addict from separating him or herself in order to continue doing what he or she does. In fact, such is the case most of the time.
An addicted person must decide for him or herself that he or she is going to remain abstinent if they are to succeed. Otherwise, their motivation to abstain last only as long as external pressures are strong enough. As soon as those external pressures relax, he or she goes right back to what they were doing before.
Attitude of Recovery
Another thing to consider is the fact that a successful recovery requires a certain attitude. It requires a willingness to own up to one’s addiction at the start, followed by a gradual attitude change that causes a person to view drugs and alcohol negatively. Finally, the attitude must evolve into one in which the individual is completely committed to avoiding relapse.
The attitude of recovery is something that cannot be forced any more than the decision to remain abstinent. It is an attitude that must come from within the individual if it is to be genuine and life changing. Despite the best intentions of family members and friends, no one can change the attitude of the addict; he or she must do it themselves.
What Families Can Do
There is some good news for family members despite the fact that they cannot force recovery. What they can do is conduct an intervention that challenges their loved one to enter drug or alcohol rehab. Interventions are recommended by recovery experts because they are very good motivational tools in most cases.
Families can conduct interventions on their own, with the help of a private counsellor, or through programmes set up by private rehab clinics. The intervention challenges the individual to consider the damage his or her behaviour is causing to him or herself and their family, in the hopes that something said will trigger a willingness to get help.
At the end of the day, successful rehab comes down to a willingness of the individual to get the help he or she needs to change their ways. Families can only do so much, and that can certainly be distressing at times. But that is the nature of the beast.

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