Rice cookers are small kitchen appliances that are mainly used to cook rice. They automate the rice cooking process through electronically or mechanically controlling the timing and heating. Modern rice makers feature a heat insulating casing and warming mechanism. It is a useful yet versatile kitchen appliance that can be used to make; soup, curry, chocolate cake and steam vegetables among other things.

Slow cook beans, soups and stews

If you give the rice cooker enough time and enough liquid, it can make long-simmered dishes without boiling over or scorching. Try making a hearty dinner comprising of browned beef, pea soup with ham, herbs, tomatoes and vegetables.

Hot breakfast

To make hot cereals or oatmeal with a rice cooker, add a little water or milk than you would use while using the cooker. Add dried fruits of your choice and some chopped nuts. The keep warm cooker feature will keep the breakfast hot. This comes in handy when everyone haves breakfast at different times.

Steamed vegetables

If your rice cooker comes with a steamer cooker, you can use to cut cook vegetables, potatoes, fish fillet, chicken breasts and tofu that can be served as one pot meals.

Chocolate cake

Baking is fun, but most people avoid it because of the amount of work and time required. However, you can easily make a chocolate cake using your rice cooker. You just put water and all the required ingredients minus eggs and milk in the cooker for a chocolaty and a cushy cake.

Chicken curry

Chicken curry is easy to make because it uses simple ingredients. Just put all the required ingredients in the cooker and wait for the smell of curry to revive you. For vegetarians, skip the chicken but consider adding more vegetables to base your curry. Potatoes are the best addition.

Risotto without stirring

Use an open rice cooker to sauté onions in butter, add 1 cup Arborio rice and 4 cups of liquid like wine or broth. Use an on/off cooker to cook for 25 minutes. If your cooker has the porridge or slow feature, cook for 30 minutes. Mix in herbs or grated cheese and serve when hot.


In order to exploit the numerous things you can achieve with rice cookers, you have to buy a high quality and durable rice cooker. It should have all the modern features such as the steam cooker. However, you should always work within your budget. For more recipes visit the rice cookers portal site.