Are You Bowling at The Ideal Weight?

If you suffer back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain or any other pain after every bowling session, you need to take a closer look at the bowling ball you use to find the cure. Bowling balls come in different weights ranging from 6 pounds to 16 pounds, in increments of 1 pound each. A beginner will usually go for the lightest and progress upwards till they find their best weight. A bowler gets the optimum weight and stays here for many years to come.

Too Heavy?

Many mature and experienced bowlers go for the heaviest weight available, thinking this is the correct weight for them. However, for many, this is probably too heavy and ends up causing pain. To retain their ego, they fear taking the weight lower. Most bowlers seem to think that by changing their weight to a lower one they won’t be as effective as they should, which is a big lie. For your information, you can achieve the same success with a 12-pound bowling ball as compared to a 16 ponder. Visit Feel Like Strike to understand the various weights, and how you can take yours lower or higher.

The Exertion

Many bowlers don’t realize the amount of exertion a bowling ball puts on the joints. Many of them retain a larger weight and end up experiencing pain that doesn’t easily go away. They aren’t aware of how much less pain they will experience by reducing their bowling weight. They also don’t realize how better they will still bowl with a lower weight.

With joint pain comes the inability to bowl as regularly as you should. A lower weight will enable you to heal and bowl more often. You also get to land more strikes as you enjoy the competitiveness that comes with bowling. You will also encourage your friends to adopt a lower weight so that they get more competitive than they already are. You might be worried about changing the ball and leaving your favorite ones behind. But it is worth it because you will be able to play more, achieve more strikes and avoid the nagging joint pain.

Last Thought

You don’t have to bowl the heaviest weight to be a champ – you need to find your ideal weight. Once you get the optimum weight, you can bowl safely and much better. Don’t adopt a playing partner’s weight, because he is most likely at his optimum. Remember, you can go a notch lower and achieve more as compared to going higher.

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