Buying Real Instagram Followers Even Possible?

This completely depends on what you define as buying as there are three ways to buy Instagram followers and two of them are probably things you haven’t thought of before but let’s start with the one method that most people think of when they think about buying followers on Instagram.

Buying Instagram Followers from Online Vendors

This is the most illegitimate way to buy followers and/or grow your account. People that want to make money online are often a little lazy and instead of growing their social channels they decide its’ easier to just set up a website and sell followers and so on for other platforms. All you need to do is build a website and rank it in Google for search terms like best Instagram bots. is a great example of that as they are ranking first for nearly every Instagram related search term.

What sets Fred Harrington apart from the rest is that they don’t directly sell those bots but review them instead, weeding out the crap so to say and when you follow this link I just added you will see that they question the phenomenon of buying user engagement themselves, which is a good sign.

Buying Through Paying Micro Influencers

It’s a very indirect way of buying likes and followers but it works like gangbusters and you are almost guaranteed to get real likes and followers. Sure you need to do a little bit of research to avoid the scammers with fake profiles but once you got that under control this is probably the most legitimate and inexpensive way to buy followers.

In case you think, whoa this is getting much too expensive you have to think again. As anyone ever told you it’s easy to make money from Instagram? No not that I see, and people don’t even ask this question and believe me when I say I’ve read dozens of guides on Instagram. Making money is never a topic that gets discussed because it’s extremely difficult to do so. Because of that, you can accomplish much with small amounts like 25-50 dollars.

Advertising = Buying

You can buy ads on Instagram through Facebook’s advertising console but this gets expensive real quick. When I advertise on Facebook itself I always disable my ads getting shown on Instagram because their users are rather worthless for my commercial services.

Still, it’s a way of buying followers directly but at such cost that it makes you think twice. Everyone that ever tried it knows what I’m talking about.

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