Controllable Back Pain Risk Factors you Should be Aware of

Make no mistake about it; low back pain a can affect anyone. From couch potatoes to fitness enthusiasts and office workers, everyone is at risk. Even then, it helps to know back pain risk factors if for nothing else to ensure that you’re not part of the statistics.


Your risk of experiencing back pain is higher if you have a BMI or of 30 or higher. A study published in the journal Clinical Spine Surgery points out that maintaining a healthy body weight goes a long way when it comes to keeping back pain at bay. On top of that, a 2016 study published in the journal Medicine notes that low back pain is common in obese men, especially those with an emotional disorder.

So, whatever you do, keep your weight in check. Also, avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Be sure to embark on a regular exercise regimen as well to build the muscle strength you require to support your weight. Put differently, strong muscles can help protect your joints from tear and wear.


As stated above, your mood can aggravate acute back into a chronic problem. The results of a 2018 study appearing in the journal Psychology, Health and Medicine say that there’s proof psychological factors play part in transitioning short-term conditions such as back pain into non-cancer pain.

The study specifically says that fear avoidance and depression are strong predictors that your mild back pain may progress into a chronic, long-term condition. On that note, it recommends that you ensure your behavior and attitude remain positive most of the time. The authors also suggest that you get medical help as soon as possible if you have any reason to believe that you’re depressed.


Smoking isn’t good for your back. For starters, it comprises the rate at which nutrients get to the structures of your spine. It also changes how your body perceives pain. In fact, you’re likely to have an unsuccessful back surgery if you’re a smoker.

In Conclusion

Lower back pain can affect your ability to carry out day to day tasks. When affected, seek treatment as early as you can. You don’t even have to spend lots of cash to manage the condition. And as Free Your Spine says, treating back pain can be as simple as investing in a high-quality inversion table. You’ll then use it to hang your body upside down at least once every day to reduce the pain.

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