Fun Things to do with your Family in May

When schools are out, your kids will be looking for new activities. While you may allow them to play on their own, there are many family activities you can enjoy together including creative projects, learning opportunities, and outdoor activities. Unlike any other time, May is full of fun activities. All you need to know is where to look.

National Bike Month

Yes, May is the National Bike Month. What does that tell you? Well, it means that you and your kids have a reason to dust of your bikes and hit the road. Even then, use child bike sizing guide. Be sure to visit Cycling Plaza to view a collection of kid’s bikes for the little ones who don’t have one yet.  Also, wear helmets to keep your family safe. A bike trailer will come in handy if you want to ride along with your toddlers who aren’t old enough to bike.

Free Summer Programs

Okay, summer doesn’t start until June but it is essential that you start to look into free summer events for your children in May. These programs offer your kids a chance to attend free movies, sports clinics, parks and library just to mention but a few.

Summer Camps

Camping is fun, more so when the weather is conducive. Buckle up and find a summer camp before your kid’s close school. One of the reasons you want to take your kids to camping during summer is because rates are relatively lower so you can bring your entire family without burning through your wallet.

Charity Events

May is one of the busiest months for charities. It is, therefore, a great time to take part in a worthy cause with your family. You may choose to participate in events such as jump rope-a-thons, walks and so on. Other than keeping your kids busy, taking part in outdoor charity events is a great way to teach the little ones the importance giving.

In Conclusion

The more time you spend with your kids, the easier it is to create lasting bonds. So, have a list of things to do way before they close the school. Choose activities that require participation by every member of the family.  Want more ideas? How about spending an entire day learning how to prepare various meals? You could even decide to clean the house or do some landscaping. Whatever you do, just make sure that your kids are having fun.

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