Get It From Papa John’s Pizza!

In an average, a typical family would normally consume pizza at least once a week. But with the recent study made, an average Joe is likely to consume at least 46 slices of pizza per year, or at least 23 lbs in total. That is a lot of pizza, if you will ask me! Furthermore, 23 lbs of pizza can cost money, and that is one reason why people are always in the lookout for food discount tickets, in order to save money from their food expense.

The discount that you will be getting from that voucher can range from 5% off, to a whole pizza for free! You just have to find them online, or anywhere where food discounts are given.

October Is Pizza Month!

Actually, if you are looking to enjoy mouth-watering treats from Papa John’s, today is the perfect day to start looking for them! Why? Well, October is fast approaching, and in case you do not know it yet, October is considered as the month dedicated for Pizza, where people celebrate the entire month feasting on the delicious slices offered in different pizza parlors.

New Pizza Flavors During The Pizza Month

Most of the food chains are likely to present pizza lovers with a whole new flavour of the month, which will only be available at a limited time. If you are one us who loves pizza, you might want to start finding your pizza discount codes from your favorite stores like Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s and so much more!

Easy Ordering

The good thing about using these pizza discounts is that you do not need to call and speak with someone over the phone anymore, just to place your order. For instance, if you are ordering from Papa John’s, with the kind of technology we have today, and everything seems modernized and fast, all you have to do, is to type in all of the information in the order form online, and enter the discount code from papa john’s and instantly see your discounted price when you reach the check out page.

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