How Should the Perfect Oil-field Boot Look Like

How Should the Perfect Oil-field Boot Look Like

Oil field boots come in all shapes and sizes. Even then, there are some highlights a good pair should have. Here’s what you be running through your mind when scouting for boots to work on oil fields.

The Actual Fit and Comfort

Here’s the thing – your toes aren’t supposed to touch your boot’s steel cap. There should be enough room between the end of your toes and the steel cap. The only time your toes may come into contact with the steel is when you wiggle them. The most comfortable oil field work boots ought to be at least half a size large.

Waterproof Uppers

Working in an oil field is risky, that why you need protection that can be trusted to guarantee your safety. So, choose a boot whose uppers are water resistant. Ideally, you want a pair that will keep your feet dry no matter the weather. Proper insulation is a must – that’s the only assurance that the boots you plan to purchase will keep your feet warm in cold climatic conditions.

The Sole

The best boots must offer enough traction to keep you on your feet even on slippery ground. If you’re in the construction industry, a boot with a rubber outsole will serve you well. The same goes for rugged terrains. A pair with Thermo Poly Urethane outsole is perfect for factories or job sites with electrical hazards. Thermo Poly Urethane outsoles are chemical and oil resistant.

Level of Protection

The primary reason you’re looking for a work boot is to protect your feet from job site hazards. Any boot worth your money ought to have all the features need to keep your feet safe every day. Other than the steel toe, choose a pair with tough leather. Indeed, you’re better off with one that offers electric hazard protection more so if you work around electricity.

Most manufacturers are now churning out boots with Tough-Tec leather for superior abrasion-resistance. You’re better off with safety boots with Kevlar fibers if your line of work involves open flames.

The Design

The design of the boot you intend to purchase should allow you to work in comfort. The cushioning should be adequate to enable you to stand on your feet all day. The breathability has to be on point too. Choose a pair wicking fabric lining to absorb the sweat and to keep your feet dry. Any work boot worth your money must be breathable enough to promote healthy circulation of blood while keeping odors at bay.

In conclusion, whenever possible, go for a lightweight and flexible pair. Remember, your work boot’s construction directly affects its performance.

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