How to Takeover Another Brand’s Instagram Account

There are many reasons you’d want to take over someone else’s Instagram account. It could be that you want to expand your brand’s reach or diversify your content. Whatever the reason, these tips will come in handy.




If you are taking over a different account to help establish your presence and influence on Instagram, then you need to create enough time to implement a variety of marketing strategies. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to automate processes such as following and liking. Find a highly regarded service such as Follow Adder for automation. Be sure to visit Spire to read more about Follow Adder and what makes it such an excellent Instagram automation service.


Promote Your Takeover


People need to know about your takeover. Remember, viewership is integral to delivering results on Instagram. You may decide to do a detailed video or photo and post it via the Instagram Live feature. Talk about upcoming events and send direct messages to your followers. Don’t forget to include a link to your brand’s page. Other than that, you can create awareness about your takeover by cross-promoting on other social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and so on. Curate branded hashtags to make your takeover searchable across various social media platforms.


Show Your Day


Consider taking your followers through the highlights of your day after an Instagram takeover. The idea is to introduce yourself to your new audience and to keep them following. Share snippets of the takeover that will create memories. You can, for instance, include interviews or tips that showcase your ability and expertise. Encourage your followers to ask questions. Also, take advantage of Instagram Stories. In short, it is essential to share your daily moments so that your audience can know what is going on after the takeover.


Be Unique


Your followers need to know that you are special.  The best way to do this is to share content that stands out. Keep in mind that you want to show your audience what makes you different and there is no better way to accomplish this than providing value with your posts. Make your content as engaging as possible to attract new followers and to boost your brand’s influence.

The Bottom Line


Instagram takeovers can be a tricky undertaking. You have to be creative to justify the takeover and most importantly generate the impact your where hoping to in the first place. In other words, make your followers connect with and what you are all about.

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