Instagram Automation in Detail

The controversy surrounding Instagram automation does not look like it’s going to end soon. Despite Instagram putting in place measures to get rid of bots on the platform, developers are still coming up with new software to enhance Instagram engagement. Some people strongly believe in growing their accounts organically through interactive engagement whereas others believe that automation tools are a welcome relief to help them attain their social media goals. Those against insist that it’s better to have a thousand real and engaging followers than have twenty thousand fake followers who bring nothing more than just the numbers. To have a better understanding, let’s dissect automated engagement in depth.


Automated Engagement


Most small business enterprises and new brands seeking to attract attention see automation as an easy route to enhancing their presence and improve their visibility on Instagram. Undoubtedly, the number of followers you have or the level of activity on your account can influence the attention directed towards your profile. Therefore, it’s fair to say that numbers play a noteworthy part in influencing how people view your brand.


That is basically because of the misconception that accounts with a large number of followers have some significance of sort, thus paying close attention to them and even following them. Therefore, automating your account can improve its visibility to some extent when you leave comments, like posts, and follow other accounts. This improves your overall chances of getting new followers and authentic engagement. On that note, if you decide to go the automation way, visit to learn more about the alternative automation tools in the market.


On the other hand, using automation tools can bring more damage than good to your account. Do not underestimate Instagram’s no-nonsense approach towards automation. If anything like the 2014 purge were to happen, which is very likely to happen again, many brands and celebrities alike would experience a major cut in followers.


That is because most of the bot generated followers happen to be dummy accounts that have minimal or no impact on your account. They will not comment on your posts, they won’t share your content, and will not like your posts either. They may create a false impression in that, the activity and engagement levels on your account remain the same despite a significant increase in the number of followers.


If detected, it can create a bad impression of your account or your brand. There is also a lack of authentic interaction because the comments left by automated accounts are short and in other cases misplaced. Savvy Instagram users can detect automated activity, which may reflect badly on your brand and deter potential customers and followers.

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