Why Iveco Eurocargo is Your Ultimate Cargo Vehicle

When looking for a quality truck for cargo transport business, you look at various factors that include safety, capacity, fuel efficiency and so for forth. One of the most popular cargo trucks is the Iveco Eurocargo, a medium-sized truck that promises to deliver in many fronts as explained below.

The company has in the past won several awards for quality trucks. Iveco did it again with the Eurocargo truck. The truck was awarded the International Truck of the Year 2016. This award is one of the most sought-after vehicle wards in the industry. With the truck being one of the top performers, it points out to the fact that it is something you can rely on for your business.

Key Features


The trucks are powered by the latest engines namely Tecto5 and 7. These engines are lubricated by a low viscosity oil that increases their efficiency and extends its maintenance. Each vehicle has EcoSwitch and EcoRoll engine features which help in fuel consumption and makes the driving a lot faster.


You have a wide choice of engine options from the 160 hp 680 Nm engine to the 320 hp 1100 Nm engines. The Tector 5 engine is a 4.5 liter, four-cylinder engine while the Tector 7 is a 6.7-liter six-cylinder. The engines are either six or nine-speed manual gearboxes or six to 12-speed automatic gearboxes that come with a torque converter.


The truck’s chassis is built to last and handle heavy haulage while at the same time overcoming high stresses that come with it such as unbalanced cargo or a change in direction suddenly. It also comes with air suspension systems that are electronically controlled to ensure a constant position of the vehicle despite changes in load level and uneven road surface. The air-hydraulic braking has a 7.5 to 10-tonne capacity and a full air range that can handle 11 to 18 tonne.


In addition to the standard safety features, this truck comes with a steering wheel airbag and Driver Assistance system that assist the driver in making various decisions on the road. Some of the components of this system include Lane Departure Warning System, Advanced Emergency Braking System, and Electronic Vehicle Stability Control.

Besides, the vehicle is ergonomically designed to allow the driver to reach all controls without overextending. It has climate controls, lights and a 12 V power socket. The seat is a high comfort air suspended seat with dual density upholstery.

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